January-March Groups

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Kanab Utah

Since the 1980s, the people of Best Friends Animal Society have dedicated their lives to saving as many animals as they can. They believe in ending all killing of animals in America’s shelters. They created their animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, a land that has been known for thousands of years for the healing and tranquility of the natural land. Here, at least 1,600 animals can be found at one time healing, finding their forever homes or living their lives out in peace. They own nearly 3,700 acres and lease another 17,000 acres of state and federal land. Best Friends has become the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. They truly are doing the most to Save Them All!

Multnomah County Animal Services – Oregon

Multnomah County Animal Services serves the Portland metropolitan area and has become a model for reducing the euthanasia rates within their organization. Their save rate for dogs [number of dogs saved and not euthanized] is up to 90% reaching one of the top rates in the nation for populations over 2 million people! They are also a founding member of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, an organization that constantly works to educate pet-owners, provide spay/neuter programs as well as end euthanasia of social and treatable cats and dogs!

Members of the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance – Colorado

The Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance is a coalition of 25 public and private shelters, rescue groups and other animal service providers. The members of this organization work to increase companion animal [furr babies!] adoptions, reunite lost pets with their owners, spay/neuter more pets and decrease the number of euthanized pets. In 2015 alone, there was 31,930 animals adopted into loving homes and around 9,800 pets returned to their owners through the efforts put forward by members of this alliance. Their save rate also reaches a high percentage of around 85% of furr babies saved!

HOPE Humane society - Fort smith

HOPE Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in Sebastian County in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They have been rescuing and rehoming stray pets for over 80 years. The people at HOPE are strong believers in the notion that human and animal life are interdependent – that all animals, human and non-human alike, have needs and rights; most importantly, the right to be loved and respected, not abused and abandoned. Their purpose is to prevent the cruelty of animal, to create relief for suffering animals, find responsible homes for pets abandoned as well as to promote the extension of human education. Since beginning their no-kill plan in 2016, they’ve decreased the number of dogs put down by 87% and have increased dog adoptions by 232%.  A shelter close to home and to the heart here in the Ozarks!


Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter was founded in 1999 in Missouri and is dedicated to providing humane housing, care, and medical treatment for abandoned and stray dogs and cats as well as finding them furrever homes! They believe that as the number of stray animals increase, so does their importance. FOPAS relies on the compassion of their community, volunteers, donations and events to continue to provide love and care for abandoned animals. Their mission statement, “The animals cannot speak for themselves, so hopefully FOPAS speaks and acts for them.” They’re dedicated, compassionate and willing to do what it takes to save dogs and cats!